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  • Gold Medal Award

    Gold Medal Award


    Mount Falcon Chef Tom Doyle is honoured to have received the silver accolade at the prestigious Gold Medal Awards this week...

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  • Ireland’s Best Golf Hotels by LINKS Magazine

    Ireland’s Best Golf Hotels by LINKS Magazine

    Mount Falcon is the ideal hotel for anyone teeing it up in the west-central part of Ireland, where its location near the Wild Atlantic Way offers some of the best sightseeing in the world...

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  • Love may be in the air for wild peregrine falcon recovering from injury in Co Mayo

    Love may be in the air for wild peregrine falcon recovering from injury in Co Mayo


    An injured wild peregrine falcon, whose life was saved by a farmer, is recovering in a Mayo aviary.

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  • Tom Doyle

    Tom Doyle


    Tom Doyle is his own man. He has strong opinions and rarely wavers. His talent is his backbone...

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  • Mount Falcon Summer 2021

    Mount Falcon Summer 2021


    A year ago, when the first lockdown was announced It was heart wrenchingly difficult to close our doors at Mount Falcon.

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  • Easter at Mount Falcon

    Easter at Mount Falcon


    Come experience Easter at Mount Falcon

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  • Spring swings in the air

    Spring swings in the air


    Spring is almost here. It is wonderful to see all the new green shoots and growth. The bulbs we planted last autumn bring a splash of early colour to the garden. The large quantity of rhubarb that we propagated from seed, planted last summer and covered for the winter is looking very well. The chefs can’t wait to get their hands on it!

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  • Spring fishing starts in earnest

    Spring fishing starts in earnest


    The last few weeks have seen an improvement in the numbers of spring fish running the rivers and lakes that form part of Mount Falcon’s 3 Rivers package. Both Beltra and Carramore Lakes now have a good head of fish and are regularly producing sport when conditions are right.

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  • March at The Kitchen Garden

    March at The Kitchen Garden


    We have now entered our sixth year of the Kitchen Garden development at Mount Falcon. The project originally involved taking ...

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  • September in the garden

    September in the garden


    The long hot summer now seems far behind as we enter autumn and feel the change of the season, with the first storms arriving and the cooler darker days. The garden is reacting accordingly.

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  • Fungi Hunting at Mount Falcon Estate

    Fungi Hunting at Mount Falcon Estate


    With the onset of autumn we now see the main plant flowering season come to an end and it won’t be long before the leaves start to change colour. However nature does not ‘shut up shop’ completely at ...

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  • Finally some rain!

    Finally some rain!


    For almost 2 months Ireland has been basking in sunshine and has had little or no rain. While for the majority of the population this something to applaud and be grateful for ...

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  • Mount Falcon Spa Review by Maria Walsh

    Mount Falcon Spa Review by Maria Walsh


    The BIOTEC 5 in 1 facial comes high on my recommendation list for anyone who is eager to create clearer and brighter skin.

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  • Low Water Tactics

    Low Water Tactics


    With virtually no rain for months the Moy is at it’s lowest level in living memory, however in the last week we have had some of the highest tides of the year and this has enable fresh grilse to leave the Ridge Pool and ...

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  • Summer in the garden

    Summer in the garden


    The hot dry spell of weather, whilst most pleasant, brings with it its own set of challenges for the garden team. Newly planted seedling plugs and beds of germinating seeds need plenty of water, which ...

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  • Summer Fishing Update

    Summer Fishing Update


    Low water and bright sunshine, meant that fishing was difficult over the last few weeks, despite this guests did manage to catch salmon on the Mount Falcon water, using a range ...

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  • Neom



    What is Neom? Neom was created by a lady called Nicola Elliott after spending seven hectic years working 60 hour weeks as an editor for Glamour magazine ...

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  • Peregrine falcon

    Peregrine falcon


    Hi folks, my name is Martin and I’m the resident falconer at Mount Falcon Estate. We currently have 8 Raptors residing at our falconry. All the Raptors possess Super Senses which are utilised throughout their lives in their natural environment and within the falconry.

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  • Signs Of Spring at River Moy

    Signs Of Spring at River Moy

    A few warm days have hopefully heralded in the start of Spring in the Moy Valley. Raise a glass to that! Salmon fishing is well underway, with 62 springers being taken from the Moy system to date up to 15lbs.

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  • Falconry at Mount Falcon

    Falconry at Mount Falcon


    At Mount Falcon we are delighted to be able to showcase these magnificent birds. Sadly Ireland now has the lowest number of birds of prey per capita in Europe.

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  • Signs Of Spring

    Signs Of Spring


    On a windswept wet day we once again retreat to the office to shelter. We are predominantly working in our tunnels in these conditions.

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  • September in The Kitchen Garden

    September in The Kitchen Garden


    The Spring and Summer seem to have passed very quickly. We are already, once again, preparing the garden and tunnels for winter.

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