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Falconry at Mount Falcon

Falconry has been synonymous with Ireland for hundreds of years, particularly with arrival of the Anglo Normans in the 12th Century. Ireland has had a reputation since that time for providing high quality raptors. Elizabethan falconers prized peregrine falcons, particularly from Cape Clear in Cork and Horn Head in Donegal. In the 13th century Goshawks from Tyrone were exported to France.

At Mount Falcon we are delighted to be able to be able to showcase these magnificent birds. Sadly Ireland now has the lowest number of birds of prey per capita in Europe. We aim to inform our guests of all ages of the importance of these illusive creatures and their vital role in our environment. There are only 200 breeding pairs of barn owls left in the wild in Ireland, so this iconic bird is close to extinction. Take the now sadly rare opportunity to see a barn owl close up and learn how the misuse of rodenticides has led to this decline, and what we can do to help the birds rebuild their numbers.

As well as seeing native birds of prey such as owls and falcons, you will have the opportunity to get up close with non-native species such as Eagle owls, Snowy owls and Harris Hawks. Experience the thrill of walking through the woods with our resident falconer, and watch as a hawk flies free and return to your gloved hand.

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