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Signs Of Spring

Dear fellow gardeners,

On a windswept wet day we once again retreat to the office to shelter. We are predominantly working in our tunnels in these conditions. That does not mean that we are not busy preparing for the coming year. We have spring sowings of carrots, beetroots, turnips, kale, oriental leaves and radish under way, some directly sown and others from plugs which we have cultivated. We have again expanded out heated germination tables and have all available space used. Hardening off tables within the tunnels are now reassembled and are also full. Outside we have constructed two large cold frames, as space is becoming such a premium, which will be shortly housing our dahlia plants . We cultivate micro leaves all year round, during the winter mostly varieties of orientals, but are now starting to introduce others.

The Kitchen Garden and Field Areas are prepared with manured beds and covered in plastic in anticipation of the growing season ahead. Jerusalem Artichokes, Oca and Crosnes, which we have been harvesting have now had their tubers reset  in new beds for harvesting in October of this year. We are currently also harvesting baby carrots, chards, watercress and land cress, annual and perpetual spinach, baby kales, swedes and salads, garnish and micro leaves. From the Kitchen Garden we are now supplying dwarf daffodils to the restaurant for table decorations.  Signs of spring are appearing. From the estate we are harvesting wild garlic, while in our tunnels the first showings of our purple asparagus are beginning to appear. We are also looking forward to forced rhubarb which we have undertaken in much larger quantities this year and our French pink garlic appears to have overwintered well.

We are looking forward to another busy and productive year.

To your fork and enjoy!

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