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What is Neom?

Neom was created by a lady called Nicola Elliott after spending seven hectic years working 60 hour weeks as an editor for Glamour magazine she that her health and wellbeing was being affected by the stress and demands of a modern day busy life.... this contributed to Poor sleep, stress, very low energy and mood swings. Nicola started a journey to create a journey of Wellbeing, she trained as an aromatherapist and nutritionist and from there with her business partner, Neom Organics was launched in 2005.

At Mount Falcon spa we were a long time researching and deciding what we could do to bring something different, interesting and beneficial to our guests that visit our Hotel. We felt we needed a treatment that could give individuals small steps to take to help you feel your best.

How does it work? (science stuff)

There are powerful essential oils when inhaled the scent travelled from the nose up to the limbic system and meets around 50 million receptors in the olfactory system. The scent is then circulated around the hypothalamus gland and from then it produces the hormones that you need for Sleep, Stress, energy or mood boosting.

There are 4 Neom treatments to choose from and Sleep, Energy, De-stress & Happiness.

You own body and mind chooses the right one for you! How?

By the Science of scent therapy test

This test we carry out before your treatment by inhaling four Neom candles that represent the 4 therapeutic benefits to help your needs (Tranquillity, Real luxury, Happiness, Feel refreshed)

You will inhale the scents individually and the powerful scent that you are drawn to most this is the scent that your body responded to the most is the treatment that your mind and physical wellbeing requires.

What Neom treatment would you choose?


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