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Summer in the garden

The hot dry spell of weather, whilst most pleasant, brings with it its own set of challenges for the garden team. Newly planted seedling plugs and beds of germinating seeds need plenty of water, which is not a small task on the size of the area which we are cultivating, so hoses and sprinkler systems are very busy. The polytunnels , despite being constantly ventilated, are incredibly hot and humid and are having to be watered manually three times per day.

All areas of the Kitchen Garden, the tunnels and the field area are now fully cultivated and we are looking forward to an abundance of fresh seasonal produce. We are currently harvesting a variety of baby vegetables including carrots, beetroots, turnips and onions. Mange tout, dwarf French beans, new potatoes, courgettes, cucumbers are doing well. Our tomatoes are just about to ripen their first fruits and we are almost ready to start harvesting red currants, raspberries and gooseberries. We had a great early summer supply of strawberries from our tunnels and had a particularly good asparagus season,  much to the delight of our chefs.

The bees have been very active and we have collected a number of swarms.

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