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Finally some rain!

For almost 2 months Ireland has been basking in sunshine and has had little or no rain. While for the majority of the population this something to applaud and be grateful for, to anglers it makes fishing very difficult. Without fresh water salmon are reluctant to run (thankfully some high tides in July encouraged some grilse to leave the Ridge Pool and the estuarine waters and we had reasonable sport at Mount Falcon). The end of July saw a break in the weather and some heavy rain fell in the catchment. The rise in water level (from 0.38 meters on the Boathole Gauge to 1.11 meters), encouraged a huge number of grilse and summer salmon to  run the river. Those lucky enough to be here when that occurred enjoyed some fantastic sport. These included the Jordan family regular visitors from England, and the Humberto party from Spain. The Humberto party of 8 rods had 38 salmon in 3 days fishing! In all 90 grilse and salmon were caught on the Mount Falcon waters in the first six days in August, an exceptional total. Due to the colour of the water for the first day after the flood worm fishing took the majority of the fish, after that fish were caught on traditional fly, bubble and fly and by prawn/shrimp.

Salmon are now resident in all the pools on the Mount Falcon 2 miles of double bank private fishing.

We still have some limited availability in the latter half of this month, to avail of the opportunity to experience salmon fishing at Mount Falcon (we have pools that suit all methods) contact Fishery Manager Stuart Price email or ring the hotel on 09674472.

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