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Low Water Tactics

With virtually no rain for months the Moy is at it’s lowest level in living memory, however in the last week we have had some of the highest tides of the year and this has enable fresh grilse to leave the Ridge Pool and make their way upstream. However  the presence of these fish in the Mount Falcon beats do not mean that they are easy to catch.

Low, clear water and slow flows mean that traditional fly fishing involving casting down and across rarely produces any interest from the fish. In these conditions we need to change our tactics. Forget intermediate and sink tip lines it’s time for a full floater. During normal water conditions shrimp patterns out fish any other fly  but now we switch to mini tubs ranging in size from a half to an inch long. Pattern doesn’t appear to be that important (although black and yellow is a good bet). What is important is the speed the fly is fished at and the action it imparts in the water. Casts are made square across or even upstream, we want the fly to fish quite quickly and make a disturbance in the surface film (this can be achieved by using a riffling tube, were  the line is threaded through a hole in the side of the tube), or ‘bulge’ just under the surface. As the fly is on the surface the takes are exciting, some times you see the follow, at other times you see a trout like rise (don’t strike to early!), not every rise results in a hooked fish but it can be heart stopping.

If we get overcast conditions and a decent ripple on the water then the bubble and fly can also produce similar takes. Tackle required is a fairly long spinning (10-11 ft), cast is approximately the same length as the rod, with 2 flies tied as droppers, about 4 ft below the bottom fly a water filled bubble float provides the weight to enable casting. Again the cast is made square or slightly upstream and bubble worked across the current in such a way that the flies cut and bounce through the surface film.

It would still appear the main grilse run is still to come, all we need is water!

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