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Bespoke Forest Bathing Experience

Saturday 29th July, Saturday 12th August


Bespoke guided Forest Bath Experience: at 2pm, duration 3hrs

You can enjoy lunch in our Beautiful Summer Bamboo Tent on the lawn before your Forest Bathing Experience  

(one main course and one cocktail/Mocktail)


Call 096-74472 to book 


Day Wellness Option:

Why not allow yourself a full day of wellbeing and enjoy a Sound Bath, Lunch and bespoke Forest Bathing Experience. 

Woodland Sound Bath at 11am

Lunch served from 12.30

Bespoke Forest Bathing Experience at 2pm.


PS. We recommend booking into our Spa for a treatment after your Forest Bathing experience and truly make it a day to remember. (Spa Brochure)


Two nights stay wellbeing package with Bespoke Forest Bathing Experience and Sound Bath also available.

 Book Your Wellness Weekend 


"Forest bathing with Nature Therapy Ireland has become part of my monthly self care practices. Each time I return it really resets me, leaving me in a positive, motivated and more self compassionate mood for the week ahead." ~ Mary, Phoenix Park, 2023


Benefits of Forest Bathing:

• Improve immune system functioning

• Increase relaxation and reduce stress

• Restore cognitive fatigue

• Improve mood and reduce depression • Enhance vitality and energy levels

• Decrease rumination and anxiety levels

• Aid sleep

• Improve cardiovascular health.


If you've ever moved slowly through a forest,
listened to the wind in the trees or felt the warmth of the sunshine on your face,
you've already practiced forest bathing in your own way.


 If you are looking to deepen this experience that is where Sarah Hourigan of Nature Therapy Ireland comes in. Sarah will guide you on a gentle walk using a series of invitations that will awaken your senses to focus on the natural environment around you. A forest bathing walk aims to help you develop an enhanced sense of appreciation for nature and to re-balance your body and mind.


 Originating in Japan as 'shinrin yoku' in the 80s, forest bathing is an accepted part of Japanese preventative health care. Since then it has been practiced worldwide and researchers continue to investigate its many positive outcomes. They conclude that the real and long-term benefits include, among other things, improved sleep, reduced stress, increased immunity, lower blood pressure and accelerated recovery from illness or trauma.

 We hope you will leave this walk ready to embrace this season with a renewed sense of community, a strong understanding of how you personally connect with nature and with valuable tools to use as you slowly move through summer.


Sarah Hourigan will be our Forest Bathing guide this Summer.   

 Nature Therapy Ireland was founded by Sarah Hourigan in 2020 with the simple aim of helping people to rediscover their connection to nature, themselves and community and in doing so improve their physical and mental health and wellbeing. 


Sarah has a masters degree in applied psychology from Trinity College Dublin. After a number of years working in health research, she decided to pursue a career in the outdoors and went on to complete courses in Forest Bathing, Wild Therapy, Ecopsychology, Forest Therapy, Mountaineering and Wilderness Safety. 


Sarah draws on elements from each of these practices and her life long passion for spending time in nature to tailor NTI events specifically for each individual and group she works with. 



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