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The most profound of sage’s could not have anticipated the recent pandemic and the unfortunate and often tragic impact it would have on all of us and the society in which we live. Like most businesses in the hospitality sector, we had no choice but to close our business on the 17th of March and we did so with a heavy heart. Now, thanks to the commendable endeavors of the authorities, and the responsible actions of all our citizens, we are preparing to, thankfully, reopen our estate on the 3rd of July. 


Throughout the related lockdown, I and my young family were undoubtedly privileged to ‘isolate’ at Mount Falcon and the rare currency of time allowed us to reengage with the rich ecosystem that surrounds us here.  Watching the fascination and exhilaration in our beloved children as they immersed themselves in nature, was a joy which we will cherish forever.  It reminded us of how truly beautiful and magical Mount Falcon is and it has undoubtedly reinforced to us the importance of appreciating nature and holding close those that we love most, our family and friends. It is with this in mind that we would like to invite you, your family and your friends to Mount Falcon this summer where we have specifically planned a range of events that we believe will be fun for all and create life long memories.


 While the 100 acre parkland estate is particularly conducive to the spatial distancing we are all too familiar with now, we have made a considerable further investment to provide a unique offering to ensure that you and your loved ones feel safe.  We are currently erecting a bamboo open air tent adjoining the hotel where we will be offering an exciting range of BBQ menus and homemade pizzas from our new wood burning oven.  The tent, which will also house our bar, will act as our summer entertainment hub for the estate.  We have a multi award winning live music lineup at least three nights a week, which we know you will enjoy. We are also fitting it out with multiple screens for those who wish to watch the plethora of live sport that is scheduled for the summer.  For the children, we will host matinees during the day in our tent cinema and a range of games on the adjoining lawns.  Picnics will also be available for those who wish to explore the estate or indeed the bountiful resources of our region.  


We have been blessed to have been able to immerse ourselves in the magical fabric of the Mount Falcon estate for the last three months, now we hope you will enjoy it too.


We look forward to welcoming you all,

The Maloney Family.





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