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Birds of Prey Experience

Our Birds of Prey Experience is a unique opportunity to meet and handle our suite of Birds at the Mount Falcon Aviary.  At the moment we have two Tiercel Falcons, Phantom & Hugo, two Hawks, Cali & Phoenix and five species of Owl, our Snowy Owl, Rascal our Eurasian Eagle Owl, Gandalf our Great Grey Owl, and our Barn Owls Luna & Ashleen. Every bird has a very different personality and a very different skill set. The Birds of Prey Experience is a fascinating insight into the lives of these magnificent creatures and to hold and admire them close up is a very visceral and satisfying experience.  
Our falconers at Mount Falcon are Martin McPhillips, Daniel Gibbons and Anna Baraldini. They themselves are an integral part of the experience.
€25 per adult and €12.50 per child under 13
Available in the Summer at 11.30AM and 12.30PM
Pre-booking is required
For this summer season we have a special 
Children’s activity bundle choose 4 for €50
(this is one of the activities you can include in this bundle)

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