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Woodlands Hawk Walk-Copy(1)

Take a journey with a hawk on your gloved fist through the beautiful, indigenous woodlands of the Mount Falcon Estate. Get up close and enjoy an interactive experience as the Hawks fly through the woods and return on command. You are the falconer, with a little help from our experienced falconer, of course. Practice and participate in a living human heritage art, “The Traditional Sport of Kings” as the Harris Hawks showcase their hunting techniques and flying skills. The first time your Hawk swoops down from a 100 foot tree top, glides majestically through the woods, weaving between branches and narrow gaps at speeds of up to 60 kph and lands, with all the weight of a feather, onto your gloved fist, is a memory you will cherish forever. Thisunforgettable experience is the ideal family activity, suitable for all ages. 
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€150 per couple and €50 for each additional person (up to 8)
€40 for every additional person up to a maximum of 12.
Pre-booking is required

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