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Weaving Magic with Annie

Weaving Magic with Annie 

Enjoy a 2 hour workshop in Free Flow Weaving with Annie Gambrill.  It is Annie’s passion to revive this ancient craft and in this workshop you will learn to weave on a frame loom and leave with your very own unique, hand made, work of art.  No level of expertise required just your enthusiasm! 

A wonderful workshop for Adults and children from age 4 and older.  Foraged hanging wood, sequins buttons and yarn included.  The workshop will be held in our outdoor heated bamboo tent on the lawn. Complimentary Tea & Coffee.  


 Annie Gambrill came to Mayo to start a new life.  She wanted to distance herself from the material world, only ironically she has created a life fuelled by material, Wool.  Shortly after arriving in Kilalla Annies neighbour told her she could have the fleece from her sheep, which sadly are worth very little these days.   Annie, loathe to take anything for free accepted her gift but in return she offered to teach her neighbour to spin and thus the seed to start Kilalla Woolcraft was sewn.

Hand weaving and hand spinning are a dying craft. Once a household chore in Ireland it is now known to very few.  Annie’s passion to revive this dying craft form runs deep.   Annie was only 10 years old when a  lady showed her how to spin yarn.  The memory of this day always stayed with her but it took Annie many years to cultivate the confidence to create herself.  On weaving her first yard of material Annie felt like she had found her calling, which sounds dramatic but when you meet Annie you’ll understand.

In the last two years Annie has amassed a collection of old disused neglected spinning wheels and looms and has lovingly restored them to working condition.  She cards her own wool from local fleece.  She hand washes and dye’s the wool using vegetables, flowers and other materials from her garden.  She spins her own batts of wool, and weaves them into the most beautiful, organic sustainable material.

She takes a fleece, a material no one values anymore and turns it into the most amazing work of beauty.   From start to finish Annie’s work is a journey of creation.

And her passion now is to share this with other people.

We feel very privileged to have Annie with us this summer.  Many of us have rediscovered the joy of crafting and creating in the last year and with Annie’s classes you can indulge even more.

With half a million sheep in Mayo we won’t be running out of material.


 Tuesday - 14.30pm - starting on the 22nd of June

2 hours - €20 per person - 15 people max (from 4yrs +)


For this summer season we have a special 
Children’s activity bundle choose 4 for €50
(this is one of the activities you can include in this bundle)

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