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Aromatherapy Yoga

Bring your Yoga Mat and try something different at Mount Falcon.


In Sanskrit the word guru means from darkness to light which is such a lovely way to describe our yoga class on the lawn with our yoga guru Virginia Canvaroué.  Virginia’s expertise is in aromatherapy yoga which will infuse the senses as well as the mind.  It is a very unique slow moving class designed to connect body and mind, to relax, invigorate and unwind.  The class will be held outside on the estate weather permitting, otherwise it will be held in the Alderidge Room in the Hotel.

1hr|Aromatherapy Oil provided.

Virginia Canvaroué, Yoga(500+YTT) & Certified Aromatherapist. 

Monday & Wednesday @ 10.30

Virginia Canvaroué  has a wonderful warm and calming charisma.  She is in fact a very competitive cyclist but believes strongly in body and mind working together and finding the stillness within. Breathing and breath work is an integral part of Yoga and Virginia believes that by incorporating aromatherapy into this work you are enhancing the experience and invigorating the senses.  As you inhale, the aromas of the oils will flood your mind, momentarily clearing it of thought, allowing you to start your class in a different frame of mind.

Virginia will explain the properties and benefits of each of the oils she uses at the start of the class.  She will then guide you through a beautiful slow set of movements which will leave you relaxed and invigorated. Or at least that is what we hope!

Virginia can recommend oils to you for future use and also has a very strong view on the power of yoga within the menopause.  Don’t hesitate to ask her about this if it interests you. 


Monday and Wednesday - 10.30am - starting on the 21st of June

1 hour - €20 per person - 15 people max

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