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COVID-19 Closure Notice and Invitation


Statement Issued March 16th 2020

It is with a heavy heart that we announce the temporary closure of our hotel to the public from tomorrow morning until 30th of April 2020. In these unprecedented Coronavirus times, we believe we have a duty of care to our team, our loyal guests to all their families and to the wider community to do the right thing, and at this time we believe the right thing to do is close our doors until healthier and happier days.


We look forward to welcoming new and returning arrivals from 1st of May 2020. Our sincere apologies to anyone who may be effected by this closure, we would be delighted to welcome you all back to our Hotel very soon.


Should you have any questions please feel free to get in touch through phone on 00353 (0)86-0411950, or e-mail, we will be happy to help.

We thank you for your continued support, take care of yourself.



Following our recent closure, The Maloney Family would like to reiterate a genuine invitation to all in the locality to come out and enjoy the security, serenity and beauty of the estate during this very difficult period. In what may appear to be a dark and gloomy world we renew our invitation in the hope that you, our neighbours, will consider it as a small beacon of light. The estate is slowly emerging from it’s winter slumber. The sap is rising within the 197 species of trees, the wild garlic is carpeting the woodlands and the bluebells, cyclamens, and primroses have already created spectacular borders to our woodland trails that extend for 3 kilometres throughout the estate. The dawn cacophony of bird song is starting to resonate here, as is our extensive resident fauna, including; our red squirrels, foxes, hares, pheasants, ducks, barn owls, sparrow hawks, buzzards, rabbits, etc.


This invitation is couched in the recognition that everybody wishes, as they should, to adhere to the critically important ‘social distancing’ guidelines outlined by the authorities, and it is within this context that we offer this invitation as a small gesture in order to help the community cope with the isolation that this crisis responsibly requires of us all. We are particularly mindful of the challenges this crisis poses for families, and particularly your beloved children, and hence we hope you will consider our home as their ‘crisis playground’ during what unfortunately could be a protracted period.


As exemplified by our logo, we like to consider ourselves as the home of the imperial peregrine falcon, and apart from a range of other experiences we normally offer guests, our ‘falconry experience’ is the one that our guests most enjoy. We therefore have arranged a variant of this unique experience to be available for all and sundry (without charge) at this very challenging time for everybody. As of today we have asked our falconers to make themselves available between the hours of 11am and 1pm (7 days a week) to demonstrate the daily husbandry that our resident birds of prey enjoy. We believe this is an experience that you will all enjoy as it offers something for everybody, particularly our precious little ones, and hence is ideal for families. Unfortunately, all our other hospitality services are temporarily closed, but our sincere welcome is not.


Our invitation is made not knowing what the likely demand is going to be, so we offer it on the basis that we will adapt it accordingly, depending on uptake. Most importantly it is critical that those who avail of this invitation all respect the ‘social distancing’ criteria. While the expanse of the estate is entirely conducive with this strategy we are specifically referring to the likely congregation of families in order to observe our falconers in around our aviaries (which are located at our Woodlands residential site, a short walk south of the hotel). 


In this regard we ask families to be respectful of each other in terms of the ‘social distancing’ in order to protect each other from the invisible enemy we all now unfortunately know of. With this in mind we ask all of you who choose to avail of this offer to respect the advice of our falconers who will do all they can to optimise the experience for all concerned. In anticipation of your arrival we are currently installing additional refuse bins throughout the estate and we hereby request that you use them appropriately and that you all keep any pets you wish to bring with you on a lead. We also would appreciate that you use the hotel car park for your vehicles and that you adhere to the entrance and exit roads, particularly the road margins, while accessing the estate. Lastly, given that our residual staff are working diligently within the hotel itself, we may not be around to greet you personally as we normally would, but we hope that you understand why we are not present and that our absence is not indicative of the warm welcome we wish to extend to you all. 


Stay safe and take care of yourselves and others.


The Maloney Family

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