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Hogwarts Owlery Event


MIDTERM SPECIAL EVENT 30th October - 3rd November 



Meet Hedwig and Malfoys Owl and Errol and so many more of Harry Potters Magical Owls at the Owlery at Mount Falcon this Midterm.

'In J.K. Rowling's wonderful universe, owls bridge the magical and muggle world, carrying messages, packages, and even Nimbus 2000s with ease as they make it clear to muggles that when a message needs to get through, it will get through. One Snowy Owl named Hedwig also provides warm companionship when a lonely wizard named Harry needs it!'

Meet, hold and learn all about these amazing creatures from Mount Falcons head Falconer Albus Dumbledore and his trusty companions Anna and Ally.

Enjoy a hot chocolate on your arrival at Mount Falcon, then walk through the Woods to Mount Falcons Owelry where a world of Owl knowledge awaits you.

Professor Michael will be on hand on the day to capture a special photograph of you with the Owls and we will deliver it to you by email. (The owls will be too busy to do this delivery!

And why not dress up as your favourite character from Harry Potter and make your special outing even more


The Owelry at Mount Falcon will be open from the 30th of October to the 3rd of November and the special visits will take place at 11.30am & 1pm daily.

We can't wait to meet you....

Call 096 74472 to reserve your owling experience

Adult €25 | Children €15 | Family Ticket €60 (2 Adults + 2 Children)

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