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A natural hunting excursion widely known as the ‘sport of Kings’, one of the oldest sports in the world, it dates back 4,000 years. This is a full day tour available (on Mount Falcon Estate) from September to January. Hunting rabbit with Hawks and Ferrets, who combine their skills to work in partnership. The ferrets flush the rabbits, while the hawks take position before the dive into action. This is an explosive, adrenaline fueled morning, after a few hours combing the woodland and watching the action, we break for a well earned inclusive lunch.
After lunch we move out to the wilderness to practice the ancient art of Falconry. Our specially trained pointing dogs pick up and point the quarry. Dog and falcon work together as a team. As the dog finds and stalks, the falcon gets into position up to 1,000 feet above the dog. When the dog stops dead on the point, the falconer gives the dog the command to flush the quarry; as the quarry explodes into action, the falcon dives at speeds of up to 246 MPH and the hunt is on. This is the oldest form of hunting known to man; this is pure hunting, nature against nature, no guns, no weaponry. For guests with a passion for hunting and natural wildlife, this is the ultimate experience and a unique opportunity to participate in The Traditional Sport of Falconry.

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