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Drink Menus

Bottled Beers & Cider


Bottle Heineken 0.0% 330ml €4.50

Bottle Bulmer’s 330ml €5.50

Bottle Coors Light 330ml €5.50

Bottle Heineken 330ml €5.50

Bottle Corona 330ml €5.20

Bottle Budweiser 330ml €5.50


Draught Beers & Cider


Pint Guinness €6.00

Half Guinness €3.60




Absolut €5.70

Absolut Flavours €5.80

Belvedere €8.00

Grey Goose €8.00

Curios Still IPA €7.00




Concullin €7.50

Bombay Sapphire €6.00

Gunpowder €7.50

Hendricks €8.00

Tanqueray €7.50

Tanqueray Ten €8.50

An Dulaman €7.50

Brockmans €8.00

Monkey 47 €9.50





Bacardi Havana 3anos €5.60

Malibu €5.50

Havana club especiale €6.50

Kraken Black Rum €6.00




 Hennessy VS €6.50

Hennessy XO €12.00

Hennessy Paradis €60.00




Jack Daniels €6.00


Irish Whiskey


Spade and Bushel (Local Distillery) €12.00

Brother ship (Local Distillery) €10.00

Jameson €6.50

Connemara €7.50

Bushmills 10yr €8.50

Bushmills 21yr €28.00

Red Breast 15YR €15.50

Red Breast 21yr €28.00

Jameson Cask Mates €9.00

Green Spot €11.00


Middleton Very Rare €26.50

Middleton Barry Crocket €36.50

Method & Madness Single Grain €10.00

Method & Madness Pot Still €12.00

Method & Madness Single Malt €14.00




Liquors and Aperitifs


Baileys €6.00

Benedictine €6.00

Crème De Menthe €6.00

Disaronno €6.00

Drambuie €6.50

Grand Marnier €6.50

Irish Mist €6.00

Jagermeister €6.00

Kahlua €6.00

Martini Dry €6.00

Martini Rosso €6.00

Campari €6.00

Pimms €6.00

Patron Café XO €10.00

Archers Peach Schnapps €6.00

Sambuca €6.00

Cachaca €6.00

Tia Maria €6.00

Cointreau €6.00


Soft Drinks


Coca Cola €3.50

Diet coke €3.50

Sprite €3.50

Sprite Zero €3.50

Club Lemon €3.50

Club Orange €3.50

Cidona €3.50

Lucozade €3.60

Schweppes Tonic €2.40

Schweppes Slimline Tonic €2.40

Schweppes White Lemonade €2.40

Schweppes Ginger Ale €2.40

Schweppes Soda Water €2.40

Red Bull €4.50

Orange Juice €3.50

Cranberry Juice €3.20

Sparkling Water 70cl €5.50

Sparkling Water 200ml €3.50

Still Water 70cl €5.50

Still Water 200ml €3.50

Fevertree Tonic Indian €3.80

Fevertree Tonic Light €3.80

Fevertree Tonic Elderflower €3.80


Teas & Coffee’s 


Black Tea €3.50

Green tea €4.00

Mint Tea €4.00

Earl Grey Tea €4.00

Red Berry Tea €4.00

De Caffeinated Tea €4.00

Americano €3.50

Cappuccino €3.70

Latte €3.70

Espresso €3.50

Double Espresso €4.00

Irish Coffee €8.00

Baileys Coffee €8.00

French Coffee €8.00

Calypso Coffee €8.00



Remy Ferbras Merlot (France) Glass €6.50, Bottle €26

Youthful and fruity with attractive aromas of ripe red fruit and a velvety softness. It's full-bodied style and soft tannins make it with his fresh style ideal merlot.


Zagalia Montepulciano (Italy) Glass €8, Bottle €32

Fruity a very light finish. Aroma of blackberry and cherry fruits from the abruzzo region of Italy.


Domaine Muret Pinot Noir (France) Glass €8, Bottle 32

This pinot noir bursts with aromas and flavors of ripe red berries with slight hints of violets. Soft and smooth and well-rounded on the palate.


Domaine Jean Bousquet Malbec (Organic) Glass €10, Bottle €40

On the nose it presents intense aromas of blackberry with notes of black currant and plum. On the palate it is a balanced with pure fruit expression like rasberry, fig and chocolate. It has a well-defined velvety style, excellent structure and a long finish.



Domaine Peras Sauvignon Blanc (France) Glass €6.50, Bottle €26

Nice ample mouth, slightly acidic with classic sauvignon blanc green apple flavours and a lasting aftertaste.


Principato Pinot Grigio Pinot Grigio (Italy) Glass €6.50, Bottle €26 

A wine with a delicate and elegant nose of strawberries and raspberries. Very drinkable and pleasant.


El Caminador Chardonnay (Chile) Glass €8, Bottle €32

Full of exotic tropical fruit aromas of both passion fruit and bananas.


Vina Sobreira Albarino (Spain) Bottle €46

The wine displays a clear and bright golden citrus colour with aromas of tropical fruit, lynchees, passsion fruit, peaches and apricot balanced with mineral notes.



Valdo 'Marco Oro' Prosecco DOCG Superiore (Valdobiadenn, Italy) Glass €10, Bottle €42

Aromas of golden apple, acacia flowers and honey, fine and elegant bubbles.

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