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Daithí’s Wild Child Forest Adventure

Let the children completely immerse themselves in nature and discover how amazing it is on Daithí’s Wild Child Adventure Nature Walk.

Ecologist Daithí Lavelle will lead the children into our Woodlands and teach them all about our native plants, animals and insects.

He will do a biodiversity workshop with them and they will learn and reconnect with their natural surroundings without even realising it.


Let the fun begin !

Sunday’s at 12 noon starting on Sunday July 3rd d to August  28th.

1hr 30.

€20 for first child | €15 per additional child.

6+ (or younger if accompanied by an adult)

This activity can be purchased with our children’s activity bundle which includes 4 activities for €60.

Daithí Lavelle is a bee keeper, an ecologist, owner of Reconnect with Nature and spent several years as a Leave no Trace ambassador.

We request that parents/guardians remain nearby on the property during the nature walk.  Parents/Guardians are very welcome to accompany their children on the walk and enjoy this wonderful experience with them. 


Max 15 children. (If the children are accompanied by an adult Daithí can accommodate 20)

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