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Kilcullens Seaweed Baths

What is a Seaweed Bath?

As the name suggests it is a bath full of hot sea water with seaweed added but to confine the answer to a factual description is to do a great injustice to what it is, to the thousands of people who enjoy it, the ultimate bathing experience ....

Imagine that you are immersed in an enormous bath, luxuriating in expensive bath oils, as you relax experiencing weightlessness .. you are floating in a tranquil amber tinted sea of unashamed luxury ......You are enjoying the unique experience that is a Seaweed Bath. The silky oils are those extracted from seaweed by a simple process, nothing is added, nothing is taken away - simply natures best. The water in your bath is seawater pumped in from the unpolluted seawaters of the Atlantic that lap in the shore just a stones throw away from your bathroom.

The amber tint in the water is caused by the extraction of iodine from the seaweed, one of natures richest sources of this therapeutic element. In 1912, the year of the 'Titanic', the doors of Kilcullen's Bath house were first opened for business. The Bath House had been built for the purpose on a site acquired by the Kilcullen family as far back as 1898. The Edwardian building hailed at the time as 'Kilcullen's modern Bath House', an attempt to set it apart from a much older establishment dating from the middle of the 19th century, is today as it was then.

Ironically it is that 'modern' building that now gives the bath House its quaint Edwardian charm, a time capsule to remind the bather of the simple elegance of a bygone age. The beautiful Edwardian fittings comprising the original enormous glazed porcelain baths, solid brass taps and panelled wooden shower cisterns which a decade ago would have been considered dowdy, now combine to provide the unique ambience of the Bath House. For almost 100 years and into the fifth generation of ownership in the same family, the Bath House opens its doors for the Summer tourist season.

Directions from Mount Falcon Estate to Kilcullens Seaweed Baths

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