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Independent.ie, August 2015

IRELAND'S TOP HOTELS READERS CHOICE: Sunday Independent readers shared their favourite stays in Ireland's Top Hotels and Mount Falcon Estate was selected by Aileen Murphy. "We have a great little country, and we are blessed with so many beautiful hotels. I have stayed in quite a few over the years both here and abroad and I have always said it's hard to beat Ireland for good quality hotels. There are a few I could nominate but I had to make a final decision so I nominate the Mount Falcon Hote...

The Washington Post, July 2015

WHERE GOLFERS AND ANGLERS ARE IN FOR GOOD CRAIC, Some years back, a fishing guide acquaintance of mine led pro golfers Tiger Woods and Mark O.Meara out on Oregon's Deschutes River for a day of fly-fishing for steelhead. As my friend recounted this special day, it struck me that many golfers I know fly-fish ...

Golfinternationalmag.com, July/August 2015

HOOKED ON THE CLASSICS, The wild Atlantic coast of North West Ireland os home to some of the greatest links experiences the world has to offer, while the Mount Falcon Estate - on the banks of the River Moy - is the angling hub of this prized destination. Following in the footsteps of Tiger Wood and Nick Faldo, Clive Agran checked in for a five-star sporting retreat ...


"The Falcon lands in North Mayo’s magnificence..." JOHN TREW enjoys close encounters of the bird kind along the Wild Atlantic Way... FOR MANY MONTHS drivers along the western Irish coast from Cork to Donegal have been mystified by new road signage composed of an inexplicable symbol resembling the WWW of the World Wide Web. I say ‘inexplicable’ deliberately, because everybody I asked—from filling stations to roadside cafes -- was clueless as to the meaning of the scores of expensive metal signp...

Trout & Salmon, June 2015

"PLAN B IN THE WEST OF IRELAND". The wather can beat the best of anglers. This truism is nowhere more true than on the great Irish loughs. I've lost travelled to the Republic to fish for brown or sea-trout only to find the fishing frustraiting, however good the angling reports for the past month have been. I've scratched for fish in droughts, casting over stocks of sale sea-trout and salmon; I've waited out floods and indulged in epic bouts of finger-twidding;


"THE WILD ATLANTIC WAY": It’s the end of April in Ireland’s north-west and the start of our week-long golf trip from Donegal l to Galway along a 550-kilometre section of the Wild Atlantic Way – a scenic coastal touring route (with a total length of 2,500km), dotted with beaches, harbours, headlands, stunning viewing points and some of the world’s best golf courses. In addition to unspoilt coastal and moorland landscapes, other highlights along the journey include Sieve League (the highest a...

Travel, October 2014

"EXPLORING THE EMERALD ISLE": Ireland is made for driving, whether a road or a golf ball.There is so much rugged natural beauty to exploit, especially down the untamed west coast. In February Ireland’s tourist industry unveiled the Wild Atlantic Way. The 1,500 mile stretch from Donegal in the north through County Sligo, Mayo, Galway, Clare, Limerick and Kerry to Cork in the south has been billed as the ‘world’s longest defined coastal driving route’. That is quite a boast, supported by a vast a...