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Mount Falcon Hotel

Falconry The Sport of Kings:

A Natural Hunting Excursion that to this day is the sport of kings world wide. One of the oldest sports in the world dating back over 4,000 years, through September to January, this full day tour, will begin in the morning on the Mount Falcon Estate.
Hunting on rabbit with Hawks and Ferrets, they combine both their skills as the ferrets flush the rabbit, the hawks take position on the falconers glove or in the tree tops above and on the bolt from the burrow the hawks dive into action, this is an explosive, adrenaline fuelled morning and after a few hours of combing the woodland we will break for an inclusive lunch at Mount Falcon Hotel.


After lunch and the inevitable discussion on the mornings hunt, we will take people out into the wilderness to practise this ancient art of falconry, with using just our specially trained pointing dogs picking up and pointing the quarry, the dog and the falcon work together as a team, as the dog finds its quarry and begins to stalk it with stealth like movements, the falcon gets into position up to 1,000 feet above the dog, when the dog stops dead on the point and the falcon in position, the falconer gives the dog the command to flush the quarry, as the quarry explodes into action, the falcon dives at speeds of up to 246 MPH and the hunt is on, this is the oldest form of hunting man has participated in and still lives on and is practised today, this is pure hunting, it's nature against nature. There’s nothing artificial about it. No guns, no weaponry, for guests of Mount Falcon Estate with a passion for hunting and natural wildlife, this is the ultimate experience and a not to be missed opportunity to participate in The Traditional Sport of Falconry.

For further details on on this unique experience contact our Falconers on email 

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