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Mount Falcon Hotel

Have you ever experienced something you never knew existed?
Have you ever tried something you never even knew possible?
Treat yourself or loved ones to an experience that will stay with you forever!
Treat yourself to a Hawk Walk...

The unique interactive experience of flying our specially trained birds.
An activity where you will be educated about the ancient art of Falconry, its origins, history and the different species of Birds of Prey exhibited. We bring this incredible World of Falconry rich in natural history and educate guests on the “living human heritage art” that is Falconry.


Experience A Hawk Walk?
After your initial introduction to the different species of birds and education on how to care for, maintain and handle a bird of prey, you will  be given a brief  instruction on how to take a bird of prey on the glove, release and recall the bird, under the instruction of the falconer. Then take a journey with a hawk on your gloved fist through the beautiful, indigenous woodlands of the Mount Falcon Estate, get an upclose and interactive experience as the Hawks follow the group flying their way through the woods and returning on command, you become the falconer and get to practise and participate in a living human heritage art “The Traditional Sport of Kings” as the Harris Hawks get to showcase their unique attributes, hunting techniques and flying skills.

The first time your Hawk stoops down from a tree top over 100 feet high and glides majestically through the woods, weaving between branches and narrow gaps at speeds of up to 60 kph;  then landing with all the weight of a feather onto your gloved fist;, is a memory you will cherish forever. 

The beauty of this natural experience is in becoming one with nature, as the birds fly freely through the woods, no two walks are ever the same and lifetime memories are created on a daily basis. A Hawk Walk is the ideal family activity suitable for people of all ages.

Hawk Walk at Mount Falcon Estate
€60 per person, €100 per couple and €40 for each additional person

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