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Mount Falcon Hotel

Bird of Prey Educational Display:
Catering for large groups and coaches, come and see The Wild Atlantic Ways most prestigious, indigenous predator, the fasted creature on the planet, “The Peregrine Falcon”


The Peregrine Falcon, the fastest living creature on Earth can dive at speeds up to 246mph, a falcon who's natural design, has directly influenced modern day aviation, the jet engine and fighter pilots pressure suits, this unique apex predator can be found nesting on cliff edges and mountain tops along the Wild Atlantic Way.
Visitors will get up close and personal with this illusive falcon, see it fly to the lure and thunder past your head at ferocious speeds as it tries to out wit the falconer. Touring along the Wild Atlantic Way should not be completed without seeing it's most unique natural habitant in all it's glory. The Peregrine Falcon.

During the Bird of Prey Display, visitors also get to see multiple species of birds, Falcons, Hawks, and Owls. The display will interact with the audience, educate and entertain as the birds of prey get to showcase their unique natural abilities and flying attributes.
During the display we will highlight and educate people about the importance of Birds of Prey within an Eco System, some of tragic faiths these birds have suffered and teach people about current program's running in Ireland dedicated to saving endangered species and how the general public can help save and protect these magnificent birds by simply being educated on the misuse of Rodenticides etc.

Hawks Displays at Mount Falcon Estate 
€400 per display

Mount Falcon , Foxford Road, Ballina , County Mayo
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